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Interested in having an encouraging & motivating experience building a business?

Embark on a 3 month group coaching experience that will help you overcome self-doubt, build your entrepreneurial mindset, and develop a concrete plan for success with personalized milestones.

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Break Free

From self-doubt and embrace the freedom of confidence
in your entrepreneurial abilities.


From doubt to clarity, gaining control and confidence
in your entrepreneurial path.


With a community of like-minded individuals, sharing insights and
experiences to fuel your entrepreneurial journey.


Your entrepreneurial approach and personal growth, equipping
yourself for long-term success and fulfillment.
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Group Coaching:
From Corporate to Entrepreneurship

Join an intimate group of like-minded individuals, gain an edge with individual strategy sessions, and bet on yourself as you invest in your entrepreneurial dreams with increased confidence and clarity.

Each group will be no more than 6 people so that you can have a personalized, quality experience with meaningful conversations and achievable steps toward your goals.

🔎 What's Included

✓ Five 2hr online group coaching sessions

✓ Async assignments between sessions to help you take action

✓ A community of folks to help you stay encouraged, focused, and hopeful

✓ Being in a group with a max of 6 people for deeper and safer conversations

✓ Multiple Office Hours and Study Hall sessions

✓ Curated list of resources and support

💙 Bonus: a live Q&A with an attorney or accountant

💙 Bonus: a private, personalized 60min coaching session

👥 Personalized Groups

We'll have you complete a self-assessment so that we can pair
you with other folks who will complement you

⏱️ Dates and Times of Group Coaching

Group sessions will happen 6 times online: 1x in January, 2x in February, 2x in March, and 1x in April.

Days and times for the group sessions will be decided by your group! Yay flexibility!

🗓️ Deadlines

Registration closes on Friday January 12th at 8pm ET.
There will be limited seats for this cohort, so sign up today!
Vivianne Castillo

Meet the Founder of HmntyCntrd® & your coach:

Hi, I'm Vivianne Castillo!

I bring 10+ years of psychology and research experience spanning multiple contexts, cultures, and industries. After publicly leaving a toxic workplace 2 years ago, I've been able to experience the reality of healing not being a scarcity💙If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, let me show you what it looks like to be excited about your future again. Let's choose courage over comfort — together.

Vivianne’s work has also been featured in notable publications such as:

Slate magazine
Fortune magazine
Fast Company
Confidence | clarity | control

Our Approach Is Holistic

This online group coaching experience is specifically designed to nurture your personal and professional well-being spirit by emphasizing the paramount importance of mindset, community, and taking action.

We leverage our multidisciplinary expertise across entrepreneurship, counseling, sociology, UX, and innovation consulting to create a unique coaching experience to support your personal and professional development. We'll help you take actionable steps to foster personal growth, feeling more in control of your future, encourage a positive mindset, and build a supportive community around you.


After conducting research and extensive interviews with folks in your position over the years, we've designed this group coaching experience to move you through three phases: confidence, clarity, and control.

Session 1-2

Phase 1: Confidence

We'll spend the first two group sessions in Month 1 building the mindset and paradigms required to relate to you, your ideas, and your transition from corporate into entrepreneurship in a healthy, healing, and sustainable way. Get ready to work through the unspoken barriers that get in the way of you making concrete, actionable steps towards your goals. You'll receive individual asynchronous activities between group sessions to support you in translating learnings into the building blocks required for accountability and action.
Sessions 3-4

Phase 2: Clarity

We'll spend the two group sessions in Month 2 work together to clarify your vision for your entrepreneurial goals and journey. We will also explore how to channel your skills, gifts, and ideas into the key milestones required to build a purpose-driven, people-focused, and profitable business. You'll also be introduced to resources and support partners that HmntyCntrd leverages to keep our business protected, our operations running smoothly, and our vision focused. Between group sessions, you will receive individual asynchronous activities to support you in translating your learnings into the building blocks required for accountability and action.
Sessions 5-6

Phase 3: Control

In the final two group sessions of Month 3, we will work together to identify and implement the practical, actionable steps needed to bring your vision to life. By the end of these two weeks, you will have the confidence to take action on your goals, the clarity to see an achievable path ahead, and a new level of business acumen to help you make sound business decisions and uphold your confidence. Last but not least, you will have learned how to prevent unhelpful mindsets and behaviors from impacting your approach to business so that you don't lose yourself and your passion in this journey.
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What Folks Are Saying

This experience has been actionable in addressing both tangibles of setting up a business but also intangibles such as mindset that can be just as if not more important to address when embarking on the journey to entrepreneurship. The personalized attention and feedback, community support, and wide range of topics and exercises covered has made this an exceptionally valuable experience.
C.H. Reel
I think if someone is disillusioned with the tech industry and looking for other inspiring models to consider in starting their own business that focuses on well-being I would recommend HmntyCntrd.
Ted Chiasson
This program has helped me make my business idea SIGNIFICANTLY more concrete! I've been sitting on this idea for YEARS, dabbling and experimenting here and there. But I've been challenged to bring my idea out of the safety of my dreams into the reality of the world, and this has been empowering. Highly recommend this experience to anyone looking to act on business ideas they've been keeping close to their heart but want to make a reality.
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Still have questions and are unsure if this is a good fit for you & your needs?

We're hosting a FREE webinar on Friday December 7th from 12pm-1pm ET that will share more about the program, give you an actionable tool you can immediately use for your business idea, hear from others who've gone thru the program, and answer any questions during a live Q&A!

We'd love to take the time to answer any questions and make sure you are feeling confident in what it looks like to invest in and bet on yourself, even if it's not with HmntyCntrd💙

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"You often feel tired, not because you've done too much, but because you've done too little of what sparks a light in you."
- Unknown

Let's Choose Courage
Over Comfort — Together.

What's Included:

✓ Five 2hr online group coaching sessions ($1599 Value)

✓ A Bonus Private, Personalized Coaching Session ($1250 Value)

✓ A Bonus live Q&A with an attorney or accountant ($350 Value)

✓ Async assignments between sessions to help you take action ($425 Value)

✓ Multiple Office Hours and Study Hall sessions

✓ Curated list of resources and support

✓ A community of folks to help you stay encouraged, focused, and hopeful

Your Investment
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Ready to bet on you and experience greater clarity, confidence, and control in your journey?
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Your Investment
3 Monthly Payments Of:
Ready to bet on you and experience greater clarity, confidence, and control in your journey?
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