Make quality connections with people who understand the personal and professional journey you’re on.

Investing in ourselves can feel lonely and confusing. Joining the HmntyCntrd community connects you with like-minded individuals as committed to investing in themselves as you are. 

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The HmntyCntrd Community

The most encouraging personal & professional growth community to support your pursuit of something better through monthly live community workshops and discussion sessions, mini-courses, and more.
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Yo...We gotchu💙

We recognize that our community is in need of support, encouragement, and connection this year, so we’re offering a $200 lifetime membership until the end of 2023. We want to make sure you're feeling connected, cared for, and grounded this year and beyond.

This work is hard

And we’re all a work in progress. Whether you’re working on prioritizing self-care or have a desire to unlearn racism, ableism, and more in design…the community is for you.

Embarking on a personal growth journey can be overwhelming and frightening at times, especially when you are trying to challenge outdated mindsets. Join a judgment-free space where we will help you grow into a more human-centered, trauma-informed version of yourself.

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… and you deserve better.

You deserve to have a place where you can be unapologetically you. You deserve a place where you can feel safe and valued. You deserve a community outside of the workplace to support you in ways your employer can’t. You deserve to be seen and acknowledged for more than what you can produce. Invest in yourself and take back what you deserve.

Join the Community
Check for Goosebumps or oh-yeah's as you read!

What's Inside the Community:

Bi-Monthly Practical Ethics Working Group
These workshops with Alba give participants an opportunity to learn new approaches to ethics using real life case studies & scenarios.

Monthly Restoring Care Support Group
These discussion sessions with Vivianne (and occasional guests!) give participants space to learn from and support one another in their journey towards workplace healing.

Mini-Courses and Additional Resources
We have new short recorded courses, past webinars and discussions, and more in order to provide community members digestible insights into ethical practices, culture and management, and wellbeing.

Monthly Book Club, Community Discussions, & More
These are sessions organized and hosted by community members, and cover a range of topics.

My hope for this experience is to bring together UX and Tech professionals who want to move beyond the jargon and cliches of our industry so that we can create an equitable, inclusive and more humanity-centered future. 

Here's to choosing courage over comfort.

Our Approach Is Holistic

The HmntyCntrd Community is made possible by a small team of amazing people dedicated to challenging the status quo within UX and Tech through intentional, practical, and thoughtful support to its members.

Vivianne Castillo, Alba Villamil, and other guest facilitators leverage their intersectional expertise across counseling, sociology, and UX to create unique tools and training experiences that support all the  aspects of your personal and professional development.

MEET the facilitators
Vivianne Castillo
Vivianne Castillo

Vivianne Castillo is the Founder of HmntyCntrd and brings 8+ years of psychology and research experience spanning multiple contexts, cultures, and industries and her work and opinions have been written about in Slate, Fortune, Huffington Post, Fast Company, ELLE Magazine. She has a strong track record influencing executives, educating others on trauma-informed care, & empowering others to challenge the status quo at Fortune 500 companies. She credits her previous experience as a human services professional, her multi-cultural upbringing, and her love for cognitive behavioral psychology as major influences on her approach to entrepreneurship, organizational design, and innovation.

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Alba Villamil
Alba Villamil

Alba is one of our Facilitators and spearheads research initiatives that help us better serve the community. She is an independent User Experience Researcher who specializes in designing for the social sector. Her projects focus on underserved populations such as refugees, low-income parents, and formerly incarcerated youth. In addition to working with community organizations, she has also worked on projects with the Harvard Kennedy School and Rochester City School District.

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“The conversations I have had within my HmntyCntrd group are some of the most important I've had, personally and professionally."
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Geremy Mumenthaler
Designer and Creative Product Strategist
“You don't feel alone in what you're going through… you feel like your soul is full.”
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Masterclass Participant
“The community is fantastic. The, the drive, the intention, but also the level of like professional delivery is really unmatched. I'm so inspired. I am so happy. I feel really supported.”
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Masterclass Participant

Watch & Learn More

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Let's Choose Courage Over Comfort — Together.

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