Humanity-centered experiences designed to help you flourish in your personal and professional life.

No more jargon. It’s time to get clear on what it means to be holistically human-centered and how we can use that to design a more equitable and inclusive future for ourselves and others. Choose courage over comfort and commit to the personal work required to do our best professional work.

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Engage in live working sessions and self-paced content with like-minded folks in one of the most diverse, inclusive, and supportive professional growth communities.

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Self-Paced Course

Develop the foundational skills and practices necessary to help you flourish personally and professionally through our self-paced course, The Humanity-Centered Masterclass®.

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Join us across various thought-provoking discussions where we unpack and dive into we-aint-afraid-to-go-there topics with professionals that will challenge and encourage you.

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“I genuinely believe that the content is unmatched. HmtnyCntrd is doing and has done the best job of taking design from this thing that you can do to make things pretty, to something that you can do to make things effective, and more welcoming, and safe, and courageous.”
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Chase Morris
Product Designer
“HmntyCntrd means so much to me. It's this non traditional way of educating yourself, still being immersed in a community, in a space that I never really had in any of my traditional institutions… It keeps me going in my day to day existence, both personally and professionally at work.”
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Amina Aden
Senior User Researcher | Hubble
“The conversations I have had within my HmntyCntrd group are some of the most important I've had, personally and professionally."
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Geremy Mumenthaler
Designer and Creative Product Strategist
Honestly, HmntyCntrd's course was the best thing I’ve done in years... Everyone working in product and UX needs to do it.
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Candi Williams
Head of Content Design | Bumble
“You don't feel alone in what you're going through… you feel like your soul is full.”
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Masterclass Participant
“The community is fantastic. The, the drive, the intention, but also the level of like professional delivery is really unmatched. I'm so inspired. I am so happy. I feel really supported.”
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Masterclass Participant
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Live Fall Cohort | The Humanity-Centered Masterclass
The Self-Paced Humanity-Centered Masterclass
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Make quality connections with people who understand the personal and professional growth journey you’re on. We understand that when we invest in ourselves, the road can feel lonely and confusing. Joining the HmntyCntrd community connects you with like-minded individuals as committed to investing in themselves as you are. Our community will support your pursuit of something better through monthly live community workshops and discussions sessions, mini-courses, additional resources, and more.

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Enjoy Our Flagship Offering

HmntyCntrd trainings will help deepen your knowledge and understanding about what it means to be equitable and human-centered. Each unique offering is challenging, innovative, and focuses on how the personal work we do can impact our professional work.

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