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Mobilizing leaders
who desire more equitable, human-centered approaches to work and well-being through courses, community, and consulting.

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HmntyCntrd is here to give you the practical tools and clarity needed to deepen your professional and personal growth. We leverage our multidisciplinary expertise across counseling, sociology, UX, and innovation consulting to create unique experiences and training to support people and their commitment to growth.

Through courses, community and consulting, we will help you become more confident and skilled at implementing ethical & equitable practices in your profession and creating trauma-informed, care-centered teams and organizational structures.
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Develop the foundational skills and practices necessary to help you flourish personally and professionally.

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Connect with like-minded folks in one of the most diverse, inclusive, and supportive professional growth communities.

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Experience innovative training and working sessions designed to cultivate healthy teams that are equity-centered, trauma-informed, and leave a lasting impact on your organization.

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Engage in thought-provoking events featuring some of the most boundary-pushing voices in the Design and Tech industry. These aren’t your average events and we welcome the opportunity to push the boundaries with we-ain't-afraid-to-go-there topics.

Feb 7, 2023
HmntyCntrd Community
Practical Ethics | Performative Equity Design

Practical Ethics is a monthly workshop within the HmntyCntrd community!

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Feb 17, 2023
HmntyCntrd Community
Restoring Care | Caretaking in Times of Grief

Restoring Care is a monthly discussion group within the HmntyCntrd community!

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Feb 25, 2023
HmntyCntrd Community
Book Club | Viral Justice

This bookclub meet regularly within the HmntyCntrd community!

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We’ve Worked with Professionals at These Companies (And More!)
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"Our industry is facing a long-overdue reckoning — one that demands changes to our values, team norms, and design processes ... That’s why I think HmntyCntrd is so crucial right now—and a worthy investment for any team."
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Sara Wachter-Boettcher
"HmntyCntrd is without question what we as creators and designers of the future need: a space to come together to connect and develop ourselves and our creative process in a way that moves us forward toward actualization rather than traps us in a never-ending inertia loop of tech-enabled human suffering. It cannot have come at a more crucial and impactful time."
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Aubrey Blanche
Senior Director of Equitable Design, Product & People | Culture Amp
"OMG! I learned so many new ways of thinking about UX work. I'm focusing more on equity and inclusion in all aspects of my research and design work, making sure I'm taking the lived experiences of others into account. I’m so grateful for HmntyCntrd for giving me the opportunity to see the world in a new way.”
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Jared Spool
Co-Founder & Co-CEO | Center Centre-UIE
“I genuinely believe that the content is unmatched. HmtnyCntrd is doing and has done the best job of taking design from this thing that you can do to make things pretty, to something that you can do to make things effective, and more welcoming, and safe, and courageous.”
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Chase Morris
Product Designer
“HmntyCntrd means so much to me. It's this non traditional way of educating yourself, still being immersed in a community, in a space that I never really had in any of my traditional institutions… It keeps me going in my day to day existence, both personally and professionally at work.”
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Amina Aden
Senior User Researcher | Hubble
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Our Story


Like many of the folks that come through HmntyCntrd, Vivianne's toxic workplace experiences revealed a deeper desire to experience something different. Her experience taught her that the UX and Tech industries badly need disruption and that she wasn't alone in feeling burnt out, alone, and frustrated with the lack of care towards employees and customers.

In less than one year into its existence, HmntyCntrd was named one of FastCompany’s 2021 Top 10 Most Innovative Design Companies (fun fact: word-of-mouth about the impact and quality of our work led FastCompany to seek us out and extend this award to HmntyCntrd!). 

Now, HmntyCntrd is proud to serve thousands of professionals across a variety of industries and companies, including the hundreds of professionals in our private community representing at least 22 countries!

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