An investment in your team that supports real, lasting change in your organization.

We provide trauma-informed, innovative, equity-centered consulting that impacts organizational culture and business goals while supporting your teams on their personal and professional growth journeys. 

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Uncover strategic opportunities and re-establish professional confidence through the holistic application of humanity-centered principles.

UX & Tech Professionals

  • Learn how to advocate for yourself and your customers in profit-driven systems.
  • Adopt healthier approaches to your workload and reclaim passion & purpose in your craft.
  • Access workshops and resources for cultivating inclusive practices and designing human-centered experiences.

Executives, Directors, & HR Managers

  • Cultivate an environment that embraces diversity, inclusivity and equitable practices.
  • Receive guidance for improving organizational readiness in times of disruption and crisis through systems of care.
  • Promote employee wellness and professional growth for improving both quality of life and business outcomes.
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What does it mean to be humanity-centered?


Recognizing the value of diversity and divergent thinking & honoring unique perspectives that can contribute to a healthier work culture and improved customer experiences.

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Encouraging people to be who they really are and moving away from cultures built on toxic positivity or punishment versus the betterment of policies or practice.

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Cultivating a trauma-informed and care-centered organization that recognizes mental health as essential to worker satisfaction, sustainable productivity, and retention of talent.

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Upholding commitments to ethical practices that unlock the full potential of creative problem-solving instead of stifling inspiration with fear and scarcity mindsets.


Infusing fairness and flexibility into  policies and expectations with consideration for unique personal challenges and ongoing manifestations of deliberate and unconscious discrimination.


Minimizing stress factors, encouraging open communication, and providing adequate time and resources for teams to improve their organizational readiness in times of disruption or crisis.

Unlock new approaches for aligning business objectives with human-centered values and practices.

You don't need an unhealthy, codependent
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HmntyCntrd provides practical tools and resources for enabling your organization to:

  • Reduce discouragement and break through communication barriers. Foster a mindset of inclusion, receptivity, and sincere appreciation.
  • Get professional support for designing and executing human-centered, trauma-informed internal research in order to accurately identify equity issues that are unique and endemic to your company culture.
  • Receive research-informed consulting for enacting practical workshops, policies, and initiatives that can dismantle deeply-internalized stress triggers.
  • Learn how to create compassionate systems of care that can help heal existing trauma and provide accessible, judgement-free support within your organization.
  • Offer access to our community & resources so employees have a safe and separate space for processing trauma and receiving empathetic support from professional peers.
  • Engage staff with events, professionally recorded content, self-paced courses, and live cohorts that help create an alignment of values across all departments and tiers of direction, management, and production.
  • Teach team members how to recognize and overcome implicit biases, privileged ignorance, and systemic discrimination within and outside the workplace.
  • Develop the mindset that putting people first results in better business outcomes by creating a culture of inspiration and innovation that prioritizes the quality of the human experience.
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“HmntyCntrd is without question what we as creators and designers of the future need: a space to come together to connect and develop ourselves and our creative process in a way that moves us forward toward actualization rather than traps us in a never-ending inertia loop of tech-enabled human suffering. It cannot have come at a more crucial and impactful time.”



“Honestly, HmntyCntrd's course was the best thing I’ve done in years... Everyone working in product and UX needs to do it.”


Center Centre

“OMG! I learned so many new ways of thinking about UX work. I'm focusing more on equity and inclusion in all aspects of my research and design work, making sure I'm taking the lived experiences of others into account. I’m so grateful for HmntyCntrd for giving me the opportunity to see the world in a new way.”


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Vivianne Castillo

About Our Founder

Vivianne Castillo brings 10+ years of psychology and research experience spanning multiple contexts, cultures, and industries into crafting the actionable philosophy and practical solutions offered by HmntyCntrd®. Vivianne’s work has also been featured in notable publications such as:

Slate magazine
Fortune magazine
Fast Company