An investment in your team that supports real, lasting change in your organization.

We provide trauma-informed, innovative, equity-centered consulting that impacts organizational culture and business goals while supporting your teams on their personal and professional growth journeys. 

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You don't need an unhealthy, codependent relationship with another consultancy — you need to work with HmntyCntrd.

You need a committed partner that can strategically support you in making progress towards the mindset and behavior changes required to experience real and meaningful impact.

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HmntyCntrd® Made FastCompany's List of Top 10 Most Innovative Design Companies
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Innovative, trauma-informed, equity-centered consulting that gives you practical steps forward, so you can be more confident in your teams and leaders' ability to make sustainable change.

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Learning & Development Support

Custom-developed, professionally recorded content tailored to your organization’s needs and culture

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Professional support in designing and executing human-centered, trauma-informed internal research projects that result in practical insights and recommendations you can use to drive impact in your workplace culture and practice.

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Learning & development content, facilitated conversations, and the most diverse, inclusive professional growth community you’ll ever experience

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Courses & Cohorts

Self-paced courses and live cohorts designed to help your team flourish personally and professionally

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We-ain’t-afraid-to-go-there events that cover topics you won’t find at a conference

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Tools, mindset training, and resources for your team

We work with a limited number of companies and organizations to provide personalized and innovative solutions that lead to lasting change, empower leaders, mobilize catalysts within teams, and keep organizational discouragement at bay. Your team deserves the best, and so do you.

Let's Work Together
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"Our industry is facing a long-overdue reckoning — one that demands changes to our values, team norms, and design processes ... That’s why I think HmntyCntrd is so crucial right now—and a worthy investment for any team."
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Sara Wachter-Boettcher
"HmntyCntrd is without question what we as creators and designers of the future need: a space to come together to connect and develop ourselves and our creative process in a way that moves us forward toward actualization rather than traps us in a never-ending inertia loop of tech-enabled human suffering. It cannot have come at a more crucial and impactful time."
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Aubrey Blanche
Senior Director of Equitable Design, Product & People | Culture Amp
“This initiative is long overdue. For a long time we’ve been talking the talk of being human-centred, but not doing the work and that’s about to change. The team at HmntyCntrd has the experience, resilience, and dedication required to help move the UX industry forward to a place of understanding and thoughtfulness towards others. This is a great opportunity for all of us to learn to be better designers, researchers, and people.”
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Alec Levin
Co-Founder and CEO | Learners
“Your sessions are always very thought provoking and helpful. Totally not the boring milquetoast content I would expect from HR trainings. Thanks for helping us think critically and pull these important issues out in the open.”
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Corporate Client
"I know there is a lot for me to unlearn and relearn… I have always been afraid of engaging in this type of self-work but I feel safe to do so now.”
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Corporate Client
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An investment of care in you and your team

The pressure to innovate, support a dynamic team’s ever-evolving needs, and maintain your own personal and professional well-being can be overwhelming. That feeling leaves many of us grasping to imagine a future where you can focus on leading your team and enjoy it.

Working with HmntyCntrd will give you access to the resources you need to support, nourish, and acknowledge the humanity in your teammates — and the space, energy, and hope to start designing it.

Let's Work Together
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